Stuffed Animal Hunt!

LHS Student Leadership is doing a community-wide teddy bear scavenger hunt (there's a book/song loosely related to this idea).  We want to promote community spirit and get people excited about something now that the holidays are over.  Everyone is stressed and depressed---maybe this fun community-wide scavenger hunt will help! StuLe members are going to hang stuffed toys in businesses, member houses and community member houses---15 total.  Starting January 26th, people in Lordsburg and the county will be able to walk around and/or drive around, looking for these "teddies."  When they find one, they will "collect" it by taking a picture of it and uploading it to Whoever finds all 15 first wins! The contest will run for 2 weeks (1.26-2.8).  There will be 3 divisions of prizes---1 LHS student, 1 other LMS (DTMS/CES/RVT) student, and 1 community member.  Prizes will be a $25 gift card that StuLe will provide.  Winners will be announced on February 10th in the newspaper and online.