School Reopening and Covid-19 FAQ

When can students go back in-person? As of right now, we are servicing small groups of students who are struggling or participate in Special Education. On April 6th, 2021 all students will be eligible to return to in-person learning full time.

Will there be a hybrid option for students (two days in-person, two days online)? No, not at this time.

Will there be an option for 100% remote learning for our children? Yes, you may keep your children 100% remote through the end of this school year.

Will buses be running? Yes, buses will be running their normal routes starting April 6th. We do ask that any parent/guardian that can bring and pickup their child/children from school to please do so. It is very hard to social distance on a bus. Masks will be required before entering, and we are also considering screening students with temperature checks before entering the bus as well. Please do know if your child rides the bus, and there is a positive Covid-19 case identified, anyone that rode the bus with that student/staff member will be required to quarantine.

Can we bring outside lunch to our students at lunchtime? RVT, CES and DTMS Policy: No lunches from outside of the building will be allowed into the school (Arby's, McDonald's, etc). The only exception will be those lunches prepared/brought from home with the student. LHS Policy: To be determined as they have an open campus.

Will there be extra janitorial staff when students are back full time? Yes, each building is assigned two full time staff for cleaning. We are also looking to hire temp/sub custodians to help even further.

Will recess be allowed? Outdoor activities? Yes. Outdoor activities are very much encouraged.

What are the social distancing guidelines for full reentry? Unfortunately, this is the hardest issue to address. The state has now told us "do the best you can at enforcing 6 feet". We will definitely do the best we can, just know if all students come back, it may not be possible everywhere in the building to meet the 6 feet social distancing guidelines. Our halls have directional arrows and dedicated entry and exit points.

Will the kids still be using their chromebooks in the classroom, or will it be worksheets? Principals are working with teachers on this. A break from the screen is needed!

Will the students have a plexiglass barriers between them? There is no evidence these barriers work. As of right now, we do not have plexiglass barriers.

Will we follow the same schedule we are doing in online learning now? Yes, schedules will remain the same.

Do we have the air filters that are needed? We do have MERV-13 filtration at every school in our HVAC units. We have also ordered portable HEPA filters for every classroom to help even more.

Do we have enough masks? Are students responsible for bringing their own? Students should wear their own mask if they have one (masks are required to enter a bus or school building). We do have thousands of extras just in case! Each building has a supply for immediate use (2 for every teacher and student).

Does the district have enough cleaning supplies? Hand Sanitizer? Yes, we have an ample supply of cleaning supplies including disinfectant and hand sanitizer. Touchless hand sanitizer stations have been installed at every classroom and entry. Are PE/Music still combined classes? This is an individual school building decision. In the case of teachers catching Covid-19, do we have enough substitute teachers available? We do have subs, but as always, not a lot. This is why it is so important to please keep your children home if they experience any Covid-19 symptoms. We cannot take the risk.

What happens if a student or staff member becomes sick? We have to follow isolation protocol if someone becomes sick/displays Covid-19 symptoms at a school building or on a bus. If we get a positive test result, then we do close contact tracing and report that within 4 hours to NMPED and DOH. DOH helps us determine if we have to close a whole building or just a classroom, etc. At the elementary level, it is easier for us to keep kids in cohorts, so that limits the need to close a whole building due to a positive test result.

Will an entire class have to quarantine if a student or teacher test positive? All close contacts will have to quarantine that were in contact with a positive case. If the teacher/staff member is fully vaccinated, we have been told they will release them from the quarantine requirement. We do not yet have that in written guidance though. The same will go for riding on a bus... If a student on the bus tests positive, everyone that rode will have to quarantine.

Will water fountains be closed to students? Yes, no drinking at the fountain will be allowed. We have ordered units that support touchless bottle fill, so all district fountains will be replaced.