Dear Families,

Lordsburg Municipal Schools has collaborated with the Southwest Regional Education Cooperative (SWREC) to provide an online only learning option via Edgenuity for your child should you choose not to send them to in-person learning. While there is little risk to students in the classroom, we definitely understand your concerns during this pandemic. Please know that we have filters recommended by PED in our HVAC systems, our custodians and maintenance staff have been trained in proper cleaning techniques and all students and staff will be distancing to the greatest extent possible. Anyone on campus will also be required to wear a mask while indoors.

There are some considerations in choosing this option:

  1. There must be an adult at home for elementary (K-5) students to help when necessary.
  2. Edgenuity content is asynchronous learning via an online curriculum accessed from a computer with an internet connection.
  3. It is not a hybrid model (half in-person / half online).
  4. Students will have a teacher assigned to them from Edgenuity, not a district teacher. However, there will be a district contact person for student/parent questions, help, etc.
  5. Students participating in the online only option will not be eligible to play sports.

Should you wish to enroll your child in this online only option for this semester, please contact the appropriate campus at the numbers below. A training date for elementary parents will be setup in the near future. 

RVT (K – 4th grade): (575) 542-3252

CES (5th – 6th grade): (575) 542-9222

DTMS (7th – 8th grade): (575) 542-9806

LHS (9th – 12th grade): (575) 542-3782

General information and an overview of Edgenuity can be obtained by visiting their website at:

As always, thank you for your continued support!