c19 Update

Dear Families,

Many parents have had concerns about children being sent home due to possible allergy or illness symptoms. The NM Public Education Department (NMPED) requires that any student who comes to school and has symptoms of possible Covid-19, must return home and do one of the following:

1.  Have your child tested for Covid-19 and/or see their Health Care Provider.  If the symptoms are respiratory, such as asthma or allergies, ask the provider for a letter with the list of your child's baseline symptoms so he/she does not have to continue to leave school if these exact symptoms occur in the future.

2. If you choose not to see a Health Care Provider and/or be tested for Covid-19, your child must stay home for 10 days from the day the symptoms began. This is the Covid-19 incubation period.

Our school nurses work very closely with the Public Education Department and these are the guidelines we are required to follow.

If your Health Care Provider will not give you a letter of baseline symptoms for your child’s respiratory or allergy symptoms, he or she may be sent home whenever these symptoms occur. Our school nurses will attempt to determine, with your help, the baseline symptoms. This is the best assistance we can offer at this time for keeping your child at school when they are present with illness symptoms.

Please remember, anyone coming to school must be free of a fever for at least 24 hours without taking any fever reducing medications such as Tylenol, ibuprofen or aspirin.  

NMPED has developed a Covid-19 response toolkit that we must follow, which is located on our website at this link: https://5il.co/xc3e 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our nursing staff.
Nurse Kimberlee Chase: kchase@lmsed.org
Nurse Sarah Vermillion: svermillion@lmsed.org
Phone: 575-542-5734

Thank you for your continued support!