OPEN HOUSES POSPONED Dear Families, Due to Covid-19 concerns in Hidalgo County, all school open houses have been postponed. Class schedules will be provided to you by each individual school site. You may also access your child's schedule in PowerSchool. If you have questions, please reach out to your child's school secretary. RVT: (575) 542-3252 CES: (575) 542-9222 DTMS: (575) 542-9806 LHS: (575) 542-3782 Thank You!
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WELCOME TO A NEW SCHOOL YEAR! We are excited to be back in to full in-person learning. At this time, there will be no virtual learning as an option. Masks are required to be worn. The mask requirements will be reviewed periodically. If your child was enrolled here before, they are pre-registered for this year. If this will be your child’s first time to attend school here, you may contact or go by the appropriate campus. *****Contact information: RVT – Grades PK-4, 500 Ownby, 575-542-3252 Central – Grades 5-6, 1352 Hardin Street, 575-542-9222 DTMS – Grades 7-8, 1352 Hardin Street, 575-542-9806 LHS – Grades 9-12, 501 West 4th Street, 575-542-3782
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The track/field at LHS will now be open from 6am - 9pm, Monday - Friday. Please remember to follow our rules: NO pets allowed NO seeds or shelled nuts allowed NO fireworks allowed NO smoking or alcohol allowed Please help us take care of this amazing facility so we can keep it open for public use. As always, thank you for your continued support!
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COVID-19 Parental Resources Kit - Helpful resource for parents:
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Attention Parents/Guardians -- Please sign in to your PowerSchool Parent account to verify your mailing address and your child(ren)'s information. Contact your child(ren)'s school to update any necessary information.
9 months ago, Lordsburg Municipal Schools